Wreckfest Gets A Console Release Date

Wreckfest Gets A Console Release Date

Patience can be hard to practice when it comes to something as badass as a demolition derby. That is exactly why it has been hard not to riot without a release date for Bugbear Entertainment’s bash and crash racer Wreckfest anywhere to be seen.

Luckily we now know that Wreckfest will launch on PS4 and Xbox One on August 27th.

Bugbear have a lineage of fun, destruction based racing games, as they are responsible for the ever entertaining FlatOut series, so expectations are high. Wreckfest has been available on Steam since mid 2018 and has received positive reception since then. Alongside the console release, the PC version will also receive an update, adding in new tracks, vehicles and other ‘cool stuff’.

Can’t wait to get into a scrap? Satiate your hunger for mayhem by checking out this sweet trailer:

Are you excited to get yourself into some vehicular chaos? Let us know how you feel about Wreckfest.

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