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Popping PS5 Trophies Seems To Unlock Rewards Like Avatars And Profile Banners

Give me those sweet, sweet avatars

There are few things more satisfying in gaming than seeing that trophy notification pop up, letting you know that you’ve finally got your hands on that elusive platinum. I’ll be honest, I, like many PlayStation players, don’t need any more incentive to hunt down trophies, but I’m not one to complain about extra rewards. Trophies have already gone through a fairly substantial change recently, but it looks like they will be getting another welcome addition.

During the PS5 UI reveal, some eagle-eyed folks spotted some interesting wording on a number of trophy icons. While hovering over the gold ‘Wreckognised’ trophy for Destruction AllStars, the text claims that earning this trophy will unlock a profile avatar. Similarly, the bronze ‘Rookie’ trophy states that earning it will unlock a profile banner.

Players have received rewards from unlocking platinum trophies before, but they are always given out via emails, so this would be a great improvement. It would also be great to see this additional incentive giving players who don’t usually hunt trophies a reason to do so.

Do you enjoy hunting for trophies? What’s your current trophy level? Let us know.

Shoutout to VG247

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