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This is where you learn to suck dicks


Get Around It

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The Evil Within: The Consequence Review

Julia Kidman's mission comes to an end in The Consequence, but is it a satisfying finale?


Glass Half Full

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Battlefield Hardline: Campaign Review

Battlefield swaps dog tags for badges, but does the game deliver or is it a huge bust?



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Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Review

Zach plays Capcom's spin-off sequel to see if it treads water or takes the next step?

MIA: Sacrilegium

Where the bloody hell are you?


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The Order: 1886 Review

The Order: 1886 is a beautiful third person cinematic experience with exceptional production values, solid gunplay and an engaging story

Second Chance Saloon: Issue I

Future Cop LAPD and X-Squad get the what if? treatment

Until Dawn PS4 Valentine’s Day Trailer

A Valentine's day-themed trailer for Supermassive's horror movie-turned-game Until Dawn

The Unfair Pressure On The Order: 1886

  Since its jaw-dropping cinematic unveiling at E3 in 2013, The Order: 1886 has been one of the most anticipated, yet criticised releases of the current console generation.  Its stunning visuals and filmic style have many wondering if it’s simply a matter of style over substance. The early hands on previews at gaming conventions yielded the same divided opinion, some loved the small sli...[Read More]

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