Capcom Reveals New Street Fighter V Details

Plus the reveal of a brand new challenger

Capcom Registers “Onimusha” Trademark

So yeah, that happened

Street Fighter V – Introducing Laura Matsuda

Bringing the Jiu-Jitsu pain.

Capcom Announces Resident Evil Multiplayer Spin-Off

A new Resident Evil was announced at TGS, but it wasn't RE7

Rashid Twirls Into Street Fighter V

I'm spinnin' arouuuund

Street Fighter V Beta Is Live

Enroll now to crack some skulls

R. Mika Returns To Street Fighter V

The Street Fighter Alpha 3 wrestler is back

Resident Evil 2 Remake Is Officially Happening

Leon and Ada, sitting in a tree, Z.O.M.B.I.E.

Mega Man Legacy Collection Revealed

Time for a retro overload

Vega Returns For Street Fighter V

He also wears a shirt now. Suave.

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Review

Zach plays Capcom's spin-off sequel to see if it treads water or takes the next step?

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