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The PlayStation Plus Extra Library Has Some Banger Titles, Take Our Word For It

The middle tier is just right

The all-new PlayStation Plus tiers finally launched here in Australia on July 23 and it’s safe to say that everyone has an opinion about the updated service. While the Essential tier stays the course, providing monthly free games and access to online multiplayer, the Extra and Deluxe tiers offer a great deal more. Seeing as though we Aussies can’t yet take advantage of PlayStation’s game streaming, our top-end Deluxe option leaves a bit to be desired, especially when you look over the reasonably thin Classics library. The game trials will be great for a few folks without a doubt, but asking for a yearly fee of $154.95 for Deluxe feels like a bit of a raw deal, at least in its current state.

As the title suggests, however, I’m not here to rag on Deluxe, I’m here to shine a light on Extra. I know, it might be hard to take my word on this, being that I’m more than a bit of a PlayStation fanboy, but when I look through the PlayStation Plus Extra game library I see a cracking list of games that more than justify the annual $134.95 asking price. Sure, you won’t find as many titles here as you will when you scroll through Game Pass and Sony has made it clear that big AAA games won’t be hitting the service on day one, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a laundry list of excellent games on offer.

But hey, don’t just take my word for it, take our word for it. Here’s a list of games from the PlayStation Plus Extra games library that the folks here at WellPlayed reviewed and loved:

As you can see, there are plenty of bangers in the library, but I also wanted to highlight a few games that I recommend that have either not received a review from us, or maybe didn’t crack the elusive eight or higher score.

Everyone knows that I’m a fiend for a good party and three of my favourites are included with Extra. Tricky Towers, which is essentially competitive Tetris, Golf with Your Friends, which is extreme minigolf and Moving Out, which is, well, moving house, are all excellent, dumb fun that will have you and your friends yelling, laughing and having a grand old time.

If you played and loved Returnal, you should do yourself a favour and look into developer Housemarque’s other titles, Matterfall and Resogun. A cross between a platformer and a bullet hell shooter, Matterfall is short and sweet, whereas Resogun is a more traditional action bullet hell game that’ll have you coming back time and time again to better your score. Haven’t played Returnal yet? Well, get around that first and then hit up these two.

Without a doubt, the Extra tier will shine brightest for those buying a PlayStation for the first time, or folks that don’t go out and snag a copy of every latest game, but even if you fall into another category, there might still be something here for you. More than anything, I think that you should have a look over the full list of games in the library, as collated by our friends at Press Start, and decide for yourself which tier suits your needs. You’ll undoubtedly see a number of gaming journalists give their two cents on the matter, but ultimately you’re best to make up your own mind.

So, what do you think of the all-new PlayStation Plus? Which tier have you decided to go with? Let us know in the comments or on our social media.

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